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Post nº2 | Are the form of the territory and its meaning inseparable?

To give meaning to what surrounds us is as natural as breathing!

To access the meanings of a territory, inherent to the dynamics of spatial, social, cultural or symbolic functioning, is complex. This applies whether we consider the scale of architecture, the city, or the landscape.

In this context, to read this complexity we need instruments, just as we need a cup or our hands to drink. Semiotics offers us reading instruments that allow us to access the human adventure of signifying and re-signifying, in this case, the territory.

The work I developed during the 90's allowed me to draw some conclusions about the meaning of territory that I felt pertinent to share through a future series of publications dedicated to this theme, if we want to understand this inextricable dialogue between the territory and its meaning.

The forms of the territory unfold and are reinvested over historical time, in a constant dialogue. The dialogue between territorial forms, social forms and symbolic forms progressively builds the urban fabric, the fabric of urbanity.

This complex dialogue between the shape of the territory and its meaning establishes the phenomenon of “territory” as a language that is important to know how to read, and to learn to read!

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